Sean S. Inouye CFE

Associate Director
Sean Inouye in a suit and tie is smiling for the camera

Sean S. Inouye is a Certified Fraud Examiner and multidisciplinary senior investigator at Guidepost Solutions. He conducts investigative research, data analysis, and field investigations for a variety of projects and cases in numerous areas, including corporate due diligence and compliance, undercover assignments, forensic accounting investigations, integrity monitorships, and compliance monitorships.

Mr. Inouye has been a member of the Guidepost integrity monitoring teams for the General Motors ignition-switch monitorship, the construction of affordable housing in New York City, the construction of headquarters space for a multi-national bank and construction related to the New York City Hurricane Sandy Rapid Repairs Program. Some of his responsibilities on these assignments have included conducting interviews of employees and executives; assessing complex information systems, corporate structures, and policies and procedures; drafting sections of major monitorship reports; monitoring social media for emerging issues; administering employee surveys concerning safety culture and procedures; debriefing field investigators and construction inspectors; gathering, tracking and analyzing complex data and records; forensic auditing; and conducting fraud and theft investigations.

Mr. Inouye began his career with Guidepost in 2010.

Did you know?

In his spare time, Sean is part of a program at his gym where he tutors disadvantaged/at-risk youth and teaches them to how to box.


  • Master of Arts, Political Science, New York University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Criminology, University of California Irvine


  • Certified Fraud Examiner


  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners