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Senior Managing Director
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Yohir Akerman is an experienced investigator uncovering issues regarding fraud and corruption for a variety of public and private sector clients. Throughout his career, he successfully completed numerous complex investigations and asset searches and provided litigation support for clients. He also has broad experience in-field investigations in Florida and Latin America.

Mr. Akerman led a number of highly sensitive investigations related to government corruption and corporate fraud in several Latin American countries (Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia and Bolivia). One notable matter involved the investigation for one of the biggest automotive parts producers in Mexico and Central America which uncovered a complex fraud carried out by employees in the finance department who were stealing from the company.

Mr. Akerman has conducted asset searches throughout Venezuela, Ecuador and Florida. In one matter spanning two countries including the United States, he assisted the client in locating millions of dollars in assets that later were included in civil litigation.

In addition, Mr. Akerman has worked on numerous litigation support cases throughout Latin America. This includes assisting counsel with uncovering a fraud, which included payoffs to a judge, perpetrated by plaintiffs in a Colombian court. He also assisted counsel with exposing the subjects of an investigation that wrote the judgment and appellate judgment in a case in which they were the plaintiffs. This investigation and the corrupt relationships between the subject and local court judges were covered by the local media.

Mostly recently, Mr. Akerman was the managing partner for Custom Information Services, a specialized investigations firm focused on the Americas. Prior to this role, he was a top Latin American case manager for Kroll, an international investigations firm.

A lawyer and a political scientist by training with studies in economy, Mr. Akerman began his career as a journalist in his native Colombia. He was the editor-at-Large for Poder, where he oversaw all aspects of seven weekly news magazines (Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela and Miami) published by a joint venture of Televisa and Page One Media. Mr. Akerman is a frequent commentator on politics in Latin America and his columns are regularly published in El Espectador. He is also an award-winning investigative journalist in Colombia.

Did You Know?

Yohir was considered a chess prodigy in Colombia before he became a journalist and private detective.


  • Juris Doctorate, Universidad de los Andes
  • Bachelor of Science, Economics, Universidad de los Andes
  • Bachelor of Science, Political Science, Universidad de los Andes


  • English
  • Spanish 

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