Stephanie Talamantez

Managing Director
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Stephanie Talamantez stands as a distinguished FBI Agent renowned for her unwavering dedication to problem-solving and a proactive approach in tackling complex challenges. With a proven track record, she demonstrates a consistent ability to initiate, adapt, innovate, and achieve results.

Specializing in investigating intricate financial fraud schemes, Ms. Talamantez has led efforts resulting in the forfeiture of assets exceeding $350 million, including a remarkable $70 million seized in cryptocurrency. This notable achievement underscores her effectiveness in addressing complex issues and identifying pragmatic solutions.

During her tenure at the FBI, Ms. Talamantez focused on and spearheaded investigations into a diverse array of White-Collar Crimes, encompassing money laundering, investment fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, embezzlement, health care fraud, identity theft, securities fraud, interstate transportation in aid of racketeering, and public corruption. Additionally, she contributed to several investigations involving violent crimes, including crimes against children and gang and drug-related investigations.

Ms. Talamantez achieved recognition as one of the FBI’s leading authorities in global cryptocurrency fraud schemes and blockchain tracing and analytics. She served as the lead case agent in numerous successful global cryptocurrency fraud investigations, initiating some of the FBI’s largest cryptocurrency investment fraud cases.

Possessing an in-depth understanding of the fundamental aspects of the digital asset ecosystem, specifically what is significant to investigators and regulators, Ms. Talamantez maintains a profound knowledge of crypto asset global laws and regulations. Additionally, she sustains vital partnerships with investigative and regulatory partners.

Ms. Talamantez is well-versed in the current trends unfolding in the digital asset space, adept at addressing areas of concern, and proficient in identifying where innovative solutions are needed. She is a tenacious problem solver with an aptitude for identifying resolutions even in the most complex and intricate situations.

With a Top Secret Security Clearance, Ms. Talamantez possesses a unique skill set, including expertise in the reconstruction of back-end SQL databases. Renowned for her proactive approach towards challenges and relentless pursuit of knowledge, she embodies a commitment to excellence reflected in her exceptional time management, analytical and critical thinking skills, and a prioritization of problem-solving, all while upholding the highest standards of professionalism.

Ms. Talamantez was frequently called upon by the FBI to serve as an educator and liaison in fraud investigations. Her proficiency extends to testifying as an expert witness on multiple occasions, effectively communicating complex technical concepts to diverse audiences, ranging from lawyers and judges to civilians. This ability to bridge technical and non-technical realms showcases her communication prowess.

Accoladed with numerous prestigious awards in acknowledgment of her outstanding service, including Director’s Awards, The FBI Medal of Excellence, U.S. Attorney’s Awards, and FBI Citations for Special Achievement, Ms. Talamantez was also honored with one of the highest distinctions bestowed upon FBI Special agents—an Excellence in Investigation Award presented by FBI Director Christopher Wray in 2021.

Ms. Talamantez was a member of the FBI’s Evidence Response Team (ERT) and served as an FBI Tactical Medic, delivering tactical EMT services to the bureau.

Ms. Talamantez brings a wealth of experience, having served as a Forensic Scientist at both the Baltimore County Police Department and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. In these roles, she conducted meticulous field and laboratory analysis of evidence, specializing in the analysis of physical evidence for biological traces. Additionally, her expertise extends to DNA analysis, including extraction, amplification, and sequencing.

Her tenure as a Forensic Scientist and Homicide Crime Scene Investigator at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department involved comprehensive documentation and recovery of evidence. This encompassed crime scene examination, the development of latent fingerprints, interpretation of bloodstain patterns, analysis of bullet trajectories, and various other activities crucial to the forensic process. Ms. Talamantez worked in serology, conducting physical examinations focused on the identification, collection, and analysis of biological evidence.

A believer in constructive and open communication, Ms. Talamantez values collaboration and easily adapts to challenges. Her approach involves constant assessment, pivoting when necessary, and seeking out additional resources and capabilities. With a career marked by resilience, expertise, and a commitment to justice, Ms. Talamantez stands as a formidable professional in the field of law enforcement.


Did you know?

Growing up, I was a synchronized swimmer and participated in the 1988 Olympic Trials (The Olympics were held in Seoul Korea that year).


  • Master of Science, Forensic Science, National University
  • Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences + Anatomy Neurobiology, Colorado State University


  • Certified Cryptoasset Anti-Financial Crime Specialist
  • Chainalysis Investigation Specialist Certification
  • TRM Crypto Compliance Specialist
  • TRM Advanced Crypto Investigator
  • TRM Crypto Fundamentals Certification
  • Chainalysis Ethereum Investigations Certification
  • Chainalysis Reactor Certification