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Guidepost Solutions Acquires Custom Information Solutions

March 6, 2019 - Guidepost Solutions, a global leader in compliance, investigations, and security consulting, today announced the acquisition of Custom Information Services (CIS), a specialized provider of bespoke investigation, intelligence, and reputation management services in the Americas. CIS’s deep experience in Latin America significantly expands upon Guidepost Solutions’ existing offering in the region for clients facing a broad range of investigations challenges.

With staff based in Miami, Bogota, Los Angeles, and New York, and resources throughout the Latam region, CIS provides private investigations and intelligence for companies and governments. Most of its efforts are focused upon high-risk cross-border litigation and complex business disputes of great impact in Latin America, the United States, and international arbitration settings. Clients include law firms, corporate lawyers, and multinational companies, in addition to senior executives and business leaders requiring critical information to ensure effective decision-making processes.

“With this strategic acquisition, we’ve made a strong investment in the Latin American region, continuing to develop our footprint there to meet our clients’ growing needs across global markets,” said Guidepost Solutions CEO Julie Myers Wood. “CIS has an outstanding reputation for its unique experience, depth of knowledge, and record of achieving results and we’re pleased to integrate its team into ours. The acquisition also expands our ability to service the Miami and South Florida areas, markets which we believe are poised for growth.”

CIS was founded in 2011 by Sam Anson, a veteran investigator and former head of Latin America for Kroll. He is joined on the CIS leadership team by Yohir Akerman, Andres Otero, and Robert Jenkins. Akerman, a lawyer, political scientist, and economist by training, was a Latin American focused journalist before becoming an investigator. Otero is a lawyer by training. His experience includes president and co-founder of ON Partners, a consulting firm that advised the Mexican government and private sector clients on security, integrity, and compliance issues. Jenkins is a career investigator, who formerly served as the director of operations for a leading investigative services firm. The firm’s strength lies in handling complex cases and finding information in the most demanding environments.

“We are excited to join forces with an industry leader like Guidepost Solutions and are confident our expertise and global perspective will provide significant benefits to the firm and its clients,” said Mr. Anson. “Our clients have always relied upon us for professional judgment in order to better evaluate risks, procure hard-to-find information, and offer tailored solutions to their problems.