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Guidepost Solutions was tasked by a Fortune 100 technology company to realign its Lenel access control system to support day-to-day business and security operations. Over the past 20 years, several security integrators and internal administrators had added to or changed the configuration of the access control systems to the point where the current security operations center was not equipped to handle the load of alarms, events and alerts. Many of these events had become obsolete or did not apply to current security practices as advances in technology were deployed.

Guidepost Solutions

Our team took on the effort to reduce these alarms and events, and to streamline the administration of the company’s system to support the its business and safety protocols and enable the operations center to keep pace with the company’s growth.

We first looked at misconfigured alarms then we moved on to nuisance alarms and events providing false alarms. Finally, we undertook the process of aligning alarms with legitimate/actionable operations and responses. We were able to reduce and remove the non-essential alarm load handled through the Global Security Operations Center, reducing announced alarms by more than 93%. Initial feedback showed that these changes allowed security operations to respond to actionable, legitimate alarms 300% faster, and the system was running 20% more efficient. This will contribute to the longevity and uptime of the equipment.

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