Since 2002, members of the Guidepost Solutions team have served as a strategic security partner for the National Basketball Association (NBA). Our team assesses threats and vulnerabilities associated with the league’s facilities; advises the organization on security-related issues; and develops guidelines and design standards for securing its stadiums.

Given our longstanding history with the NBA and their strong performance, we were selected to perform comprehensive security assessments at all of the league’s arenas to assess each venue’s compliance with the NBA’s security guidelines for game day and non-game day operations.

Our an ongoing engagement with the NBA also includes arena security standards that range from advising on new or updating standards to assisting the league in being at the forefront of industry best practices. Our team conducts assessments across all professional league standards including international standards to advise on continuous improvements that counter the rising security threat landscape. These security standards involve requirements for event operations and security command centers; video surveillance; screening of patrons (e.g. magnetometers, x-ray screening, etc.); baggage/parcel screening; and physical security.