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January 21, 2021 | Podcasts

Guidepost in Motion: Red Flags of Drug Diversion. Episode 1

Guidepost in Motion – our podcast highlighting risk, compliance and security professionals with insights meant to keep you, your business and operations moving forward.

In our first episode, you’ll hear from Lou Milione and Susannah Herkert, both from our Controlled Substances Act/Code of Federal Regulations DEA Compliance Practice. They discuss the red flags of drug diversion, a problem that plagues the pharmaceutical industry.

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October 31, 2020 | Podcasts

IIB Bank Talk with Maria Filipakis and Matt Levine Discussing Part 500 and Cyber Enforcement

IIB Bank Talk Podcast Matt Levine speaks with the Institute of International Bankers podcast, BANK TALK, to discuss all things Part 500: its background and regulatory and industry response, the First American enforcement action and proceedings, takeaways for financial institutions, and more. Read More

October 20, 2020 | Podcasts

Innovation Nation EP 11: A Conversation with Jon Harris of Guidepost Solutions Part 2

Jonathon Harris, MBA, CPP, PSP continues the discussion about delivering value to the customer and thinking beyond the immediate need to grow and retain relationships. Read More

October 15, 2020 | Podcasts

Two Big Security Risks

Ken Mendelson joined The Peggy Smedley Show to talk about the security risks with the IoT (Internet of Things). They also discuss: Two main types of security risks and examples of security exploits. The danger of third-party harm and how it can serve as a launching point for compromise of other devices on the network. How we can secure working from home and our devices in our home. Read More