Guidepost Solutions’ chairman served as the Independent Monitor for General Motors pursuant to the terms of its deferred prosecution agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York which arose out of GM’s failure to timely recall millions of vehicles equipped with defective ignition switches. The Guidepost team reviewed and assessed the company’s compliance with its stated recall processes; the effectiveness of its policies, processes, and procedures for sharing certain vehicle safety information; and how it handles known defects in certified pre-owned vehicles. By collaborating with GM’s senior executives, key personnel, and engineers, the Guidepost team was able to define solutions that were sustainable over the long-term and focused on the company’s needs, challenges, and culture. We provided recommendations for GM to implement that achieved value and reduced costs by identifying issues before they reached the consumer. The outcome of this high-profile, multi-year assignment led to enhanced vehicle safety for consumers, improved corporate practices, and a culture where safety and ethics are paramount.