Sandra Kotta

Senior Consultant

Sandra Kotta, a senior consultant at Guidepost, brings extensive experience developing and improving processes, productivity, and accuracy. With experience in building automation controls and fire and security systems, she is an analytical leader with a proven track record of successfully managing projects from conception through execution. Ms. Kotta is skilled at enabling cross-functional collaboration and has a history of directing project-wide operations, including stakeholder management, risk assessment, procurement, and sales support. Ms. Kotta’s communication skills help her to develop and foster strong stakeholder and client partnerships, increasing impactful business results.

In her previous role as a project manager, Ms. Kotta created and executed proposals for large capital projects, oversaw project designs, coordinated, and maintained construction schedules, updated records and prepared reports. She managed budgets, forecasted future costs, and reported on project costs and invoices.   She also formulated a project tracker which helped to increase efficiency and monitor progress against deliverables. The tracker was shared with project managers across the organization.