Eddie Koh CPP, PSP

Regional Director, APAC
Eddie Koh in a suit and white shirt is smiling for a professional photo

Eddie Koh is a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of experience in the enterprise security industry.  As the APAC regional director at Guidepost Solutions, Eddie leads a dedicated team to design, manage, and implement robust security compliance policies, cutting-edge technologies, and seamless fit-outs across a variety of industries.

Mr. Koh began his professional career in the early days of the internet, where he developed applications and later ventured into managing fit-outs for clean energy plants and datacenters. In his previous role, Eddie served as a solution sales manager for a regional security integrator, leveraging his extensive industry knowledge to lead a major account sales team to success.

Throughout his career, Mr. Koh has collaborated with organizations of all sizes, from nimble startups to renowned industry giants in sectors of semiconductor, data centers, pharmaceutical and healthcare, banking and finance, oil and gas, business services, and technology. He understands the importance of building trust as the foundation for cultivating long-term relationships.

Having immersed himself in the vibrant cultures, nuances, and dynamic business landscapes of Asia, Mr. Koh has a deep understanding of regional intricacies and excels at bridging gaps and finding common ground. He welcomes opportunities for collaboration and is eager to explore how he can help to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Did You Know?

There are herbs used in Asian culture to encourage appetite in children. Eddie was given them as a child and now cannot stop eating. He loves foods from all over the world.


  • Bachelor of Science (Hon.), Computing, Portsmouth University


  • Physical Security Professional (PSP), ASIS International
  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP), ASIS International


  • Mandarin
  • English