Guidepost in Motion: Red Flags of Drug Diversion Episode 2

Louis J Milione / Susannah F. Herkert February 1, 2021

Guidepost in Motion – our podcast highlighting risk, compliance and security professionals with insights meant to keep you, your business and operations moving forward.

Guidepost Solution’s President, Global Investigations + Regulatory Compliance, Louis J. Milione and Senior Managing Director, Susannah Herkert’s continue their discussion on compliance with the Controlled Substances Act and highlight the GUIDE (GATHER, UNITE, IDENTIFY, DEVELOP, EVALUATE) model to accurately assess and remediate all aspects of a company and/or a practitioner’s controlled substance compliance program.

Don’t miss Episode 1 of Red Flags of Drug Diversion, a discussion of the red flags of drug diversion, a problem that plagues the pharmaceutical industry.

Lou Milione wearing a suit and tie for a professional headshot

Louis J Milione

President, Global Investigations + Regulatory Compliance

With more than twenty-five years of public and private sector experience, Louis J. Milione returns to Guidepost Solutions as President of Global Investigations and Regulatory Compliance having just served as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Principal Deputy Administrator from 2021 to 2023.  As the DEA’s second in command, Mr. Milione led an agency of more than 10,000 public servants – including 5,000 Special Agents, 800 Intelligence Analysts and 700 Diversion Investigators – who work in DEA’s 334 offices around the globe.

Susannah F. Herkert

Senior Managing Director

Susannah Herkert is a nationally recognized expert in the area of pharmaceutical controlled substance investigations and regulatory compliance. As a DEA compliance consultant, Ms. Herkert works with pharmacies and other DEA registrants that have been restricted by their suppliers in evaluating and enhancing their controlled substance polices and processes.