Xanax and Adderall Access Is Being Blocked by Secret Drug Limits

Krista Tongring April 5, 2023

Pharmacies across the U.S have faced limitations on orders of controlled substances. Krista Tongring explains why the limits are placed.

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Krista Tongring in a blue jacket and black shirt smiles for the camera

Krista Tongring

Executive Vice President, DEA Regulatory Compliance Practice

As Executive Vice President, Ms. Tongring leads Guidepost’s DEA Regulatory Compliance Practice, in addition to playing a lead role in overseeing a variety of compliance engagements, monitorships, and investigatory matters. She brings a vast background of investigative, governmental, regulatory, and compliance experience to Guidepost. Her experience allows her to provide clients with customized solutions that consider the client’s organization and culture, among other factors, to ensure these solutions are sustainable.