Kaspersky Study: Devices Infected With Data-Stealing Malware Increased by 7 Times Since 2020

Matthew A. Corwin CISA, CISSP, CDPSE April 18, 2024

In a recent article by TechRepublic, Matt Corwin shares his expertise to help businesses protect themselves from data-stealing malware. “Encryption of data both at rest and in transit is critical for preventing data-stealing and exposure attacks, but for this to be effective a comprehensive defense-in-depth security architecture around the encrypted assets is also required,” said Matt.

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Matthew A. Corwin CISA, CISSP, CDPSE

Managing Director

Matthew A. Corwin has more than 20 years of experience specializing in privacy, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity with specialized hands-on experience directing the implementation and integration of secure design principles and service engineering initiatives leveraging the latest technologies. He has a successful track record of facilitating technology-business alignment while balancing risk exposure and corporate growth. Mr. Corwin also has extensive expertise in analyzing technical architecture to attain and demonstrate best-in-class industry and regulatory standards compliance in global environments.