Bill Would Have CFIUS Tell Congress Why Certain Deals Were Not Reviewed

J. Keith Ausbrook June 20, 2024

Three U.S. Congressmen proposed a bill to increase Congressional oversight of CFIUS aiming to identify jurisdictional loopholes. The bill would require CFIUS to inform Congress of reasons for not reviewing certain transactions. Keith Ausbrook shared his insight on the matter stating that the proposed legislation would be a “significant departure from current practice.”



Keith Ausbrook in a suit and tie smiling for a professional headshot

J. Keith Ausbrook

Senior Managing Director

Keith Ausbrook is a key member of Guidepost Solution’s high-profile monitoring and compliance practice. He has led teams reviewing compliance programs in financial institutions around the world. Mr. Ausbrook was also a member of the monitor team reviewing the safety programs at General Motors under a deferred prosecution agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice. Mr. Ausbrook is a distinguished lawyer with an accomplished record of managing complex crises. He has held numerous senior executive and legislative branch positions where he oversaw homeland and national security policy development and implementation, including serving as the chief lawyer on the House Committee investigating Hurricane Katrina and as Executive Secretary of the Homeland Security Council at the White House.