Portland Art Museum Rothko Pavilion


The Portland Art Museum’s Rothko Pavilion, approved by the Historic Landmarks Commission, added a new above grade structure to link the museum’s main building to the Mark Building. The four-story Rothko Pavilion created a new main entry to the museum at the existing plaza. It links the galleries in the two buildings and created new gallery space. The pavilion is clad with a glass curtainwall system and incorporates an exterior passageway.

Guidepost Solutions

Our team acted as Owner’s representative to conduct an electronic security design and security program peer review and provide findings and recommendations for the enhancement of the Museum’s security posture as part of the Rothko Pavilion renovation and expansion project. Our peer review identified opportunities for cost savings, constructability recommendations, coordination with other project elements such as lighting and door hardware, architectural aesthetics coordination, better utilization of electronic security technology and products, and considerations for operational effectiveness.

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