Fortune 500 Company with Employees in EU Countries


On July 30, 2020, the European Union (EU) directive regarding the temporary posting (assignment) of workers in other member states to provide services took effect. A set of new requirements for workers’ employment terms and conditions is at the epicenter of the directive. For employers, compliance with this new mandate is critical and EU member states will be enforcing the stipulations through audit processes.

Guidepost Solutions

Guidepost is ahead of the curve and has built a managed services team to focus on this area of new concern for employers. As a result, our team has been engaged by a well-known multinational law firm to provide services to a U.S. Fortune 500 corporation with workers posted to multiple EU Member countries. The new mandate requires much of employers, including the submission of information and the maintenance of accurate records for each and every employee assigned to an EU location.

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