Chevron was facing a class action lawsuit in Ecuador for alleged environmental damages which resulted in an adverse judgment against the company of over $19 billion and significant reputational damage.

Guidepost Solutions

Our team conducted a multi-year investigation in Ecuador, which found evidence that the U.S. plaintiff lawyers behind the lawsuit bribed the Ecuadorian judges, faked evidence of contamination, and ghostwrote court-appointed expert reports. Working closely with outside counsel from Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher (named Litigation Firm of the Year for their work on the case), Guidepost investigators played a key role in finding and bringing forward the key witnesses and documents that helped exonerate Chevron.


Benefit to the Client

The results of our investigation were decisive in Chevron obtaining a landmark U.S. federal court verdict in a racketeering lawsuit against the U.S. plaintiff lawyers behind the case, one of whom was later disbarred. The evidence also provided the basis for having the Ecuadorian judgment invalidated in multiple countries around the world, winning a favorable ruling from an international arbitration tribunal against the Ecuadorian government and countering reputational attacks against Chevron.

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