Bristol County House of Corrections + Jail, Dartmouth Facility


An eleven hundred (1,100) bed facility, Bristol County House of Corrections and Jail houses male inmates convicted of crimes with a sentence of 2½ years or less, higher security female inmates or pre-trial detainees, and higher security male pre-trial detainees. The facility is comprised of several decentralized housing units requiring varying levels of security, a medical unit, and a 400-bed modular unit. Guidepost provided design and construction administration services for the replacement of an existing analog camera system with a new IP-based video surveillance system.

Guidepost Solutions

Our team provided camera system replacement design and construction administration services that included installation of an independent network cabling infrastructure, IP-based network cameras, switches, and network video recording systems throughout the main jail and modular housing units.

We designed cameras for each housing unit that allows for local viewing on stations in each housing unit’s control location. In addition, cameras from all locations can also be viewed in central control and at select viewing locations within the facility. The system is capable of interfacing with facility-wide security electronics door control, intercom and touchscreen system upgrades as funds become available in the future.

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