Managing Security Risk Across Your Enterprise

Matthew V. Wharton Sr. August 24, 2017

Managing risk at the enterprise level involves close collaboration of the physical and information security functions, responsibilities and missions. This encompasses enhanced communications and information sharing between the information technology, operational technology and physical security groups. The combined joint security operations center (JSOC) can be the most effective way to manage security risks across the enterprise.

The following article, Multi-Vector Threats and the  Argument for Greater Convergence, written in conjunction with our strategic partners at Revolutionary Security, was recently published in Cyber Security – A Peer Reviewed Journal. It addresses how an organization’s security operations center can converge their physical and information security functions to effectively manage multi-vector threats and protect themselves from the evolving threat landscape.

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Matthew V. Wharton Sr.

President, Strategic Accounts

Matthew Wharton serves as president for strategic accounts. Mr. Wharton is a career security professional with more than 35 years of experience leading security consulting and integration firms. He designs solutions from “The Owner’s Perspective” with improved recommendations that meet regulatory and fiscal requirements and transform internal functions from cost centers to sources for corporate investment that deliver increased integrity to the enterprise and enhance shareholder value.