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6.05.23 | Eric Young

Eric T. Young will be amongst the thought leaders providing his expertise during the NICE Actimize Engage event focused on financial crime compliance for global financial institutions. Read More ...

Eric T. Young will be amongst the thought leaders providing his expertise during the NICE Actimize Engage event focused on financial crime compliance... Read More

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5.01.23 | Robert Roach | Compliance Cosmos

On the cutting edge: Emerging issues and best practices for ensuring effective compliance programs

Undoubtedly, compliance officers will continue to be faced with the question: “Is your compliance program effective?” Robert F. Roach and his colleagues discuss how government guidance, data analysis, and modern tools can help answer this question. Read More ...

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International AIEN Energy Summit

The Association of International Energy Negotiators brings together prestigious professionals from the energy industry to network and discuss updates on the latest global and regional industry trends and topics. Team Guidepost will be on hand to join the conversation with their diverse perspectives, knowledgeable insights, and practical solutions on issues and challenges facing the industry. Read More ...

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Media Mentions

6.01.23 | Eric Young

How a new US law will protect the identity of whistleblowers and could reward their actions with $millions

ICYMI: “Crucially, the Act covers non-US employees, including compliance officers, rewarding them if the information they report leads to successful enforcement of US laws such as AML and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctions laws.” Eric T. Young weighs in on this new Act and its effect on compliance. “This greatly empowers compliance officers to report weaknesses in controls, or… Read More ...

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5.31.23 | Susannah Herkert

How Prepared is Your Facility for a Visit from the DEA?

During a recent podcast, Susannah Herkert discussed why many facilities still run into trouble with the DEA when everyone has access to the CFRs. She offers ideas for mitigating much of the risk and bringing your facility into better compliance and provides a bit more clarity surrounding some of the regulations. Read More ...

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Press Releases

4.05.23 | John Bekisz, Maria Dewing, Courtney Klein, Morgan Hassler, Michael Johnson

Expanding Our Team to Serve You Better

As global security risks heighten, organizations in all industries are feeling the pressure to continuously improve their security posture. At Guidepost, we recognize the importance of having a team with extensive knowledge and experience to better serve your evolving challenges. To achieve this, we recently expanded our security and technology consulting team with six highly qualified professionals who offer a wealth… Read More ...

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6.07.23 | Christopher Kim

The World Bank Group and Other Multilateral Development Bank Investigations in the Post Covid Pandemic Era

In conjunction with Shin & Kim LLC, Guidepost will present a webinar to address the challenging situations Korean companies face as a result of the financing they received from the World Bank Group and its affiliated multilateral development banks during the Covid pandemic. Chris Kim will join the panel which will cover what these companies need to know about these… Read More ...

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