To legally operate a cannabis business, whether medical or recreational, a license or permit to operate is required. While every state has its own regulations and application process, they all require a detailed security plan to provide for the safety and security of the operation, its associates, and the neighborhood within which it operates.

Our experts have been called upon to assist in numerous ways.

Missouri Medical Cannabis Permitting Process

We provided site security assessments, individual security plans, security systems overlays, 3D video plans, and security content as part of 10 permit applications for the competitive permit application submittal process in Missouri.

All 10 applications were successful, permits were awarded and, subsequently, our team was asked to compose the security SOPs for the organization’s new cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary operations ensuring proper compliance not only with the law, but with specifications for installation and programming.

US-Based Medical + Recreational/Adult-Use Companies

We have assisted numerous companies with the development of comprehensive operational and technical security programs as mandated as part of the permit application process in multiple states. In every case, we earned a perfect or nearly perfect score.

We developed a customized security program for each facility to satisfy or exceed the regulations for cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary facilities, as well as physical and operational requirements for transport and distribution.

Each company relied on us to navigate security regulations for their applications, conduct due diligence at sites, and prepare the security content required for the applications. Our work continues with the companies after they have been awarded permits or licenses. We have provided complete security systems design packages, authored and administered RFPS for the provision and installation of systems, and participated in the commissioning of systems to ensure proper installation, functioning, programming, and training for their operations.

Our boots on the ground experience in the cannabis industry is an advantage for our clients. We are able to handle all of their security management and compliance needs and ensure their security teams understand not just how to operate the systems, but how to use them to help prevent and detect theft and diversion.