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The Joint Commission Has Added New Workplace Violence Prevention Requirements for the Healthcare Industry

April 7, 2022 | Compliance Design + Engineering Risk + Compliance Security Consulting

According to The Joint Commission (TJC), which oversees accreditation of hospitals and other healthcare facilities, about 73% of nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses leading to missed work days in healthcare are connected to workplace violence. This figure does not consider the number of unreported incidents, so the actual percentage is likely higher.

Effective January 1, 2022, TJC introduced revisions to workplace violence standards that provide guidance for developing strong workplace violence prevention systems.

As a participant in ASIS International’s publication … Read More

Security Planning Doesn’t Have to Sink Your Budget

June 10, 2019 | Security Consulting

We were recently asked by an architectural firm “…how can we implement security features for active assailant scenarios into our designs?” This was quite refreshing, as the typical request for active assailant assistance is to conduct on-site scenario-based training. While training is important, it can be ineffective unless followed by regular practice, i.e. developing “muscle memory.”  And, it is but one tool in the box of prevention and response options.  There are many additional proactive measures that can be taken … Read More

A Risk-Based Approach to Active Shooter Preparation

May 15, 2019 | Security Consulting

As a security consultant, I have schools, corporations, and faith-based organizations consistently contacting me to conduct active shooter drills and exercises. Many organizations are facing questions from concerned employees, students, and parents (who themselves are bombarded with media coverage) on what the organization is doing to protect them from an active shooter situation. This has generated a kneejerk reaction to conduct active shooter exercises and drills without having a comprehensive plan developed and implemented. For some organizations, conducting an active
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Strengthening Crisis & Emergency Management Programs

September 27, 2017 | Security Consulting

We already face an overwhelming array of hazards and threats every year, but according to weather predictions, the strength of hurricanes could double by 2050. With the prospect of more dangerous and destructive storms and natural disasters in our future, we need to proactively prepare to protect our people and physical assets.

With the hurricanes devastating Florida and Texas, and the wildfires plaguing Montana, it’s even more critical for organizations to establish a Crisis and Emergency Management (CEM) … Read More

Active Shooters Have A Plan – Do You?

June 12, 2017 | Security Consulting

Read any of the news headlines and on any given week you will see a story of an active shooter attack.  Last week’s shooting at a Dallas car dealership and the terrorist attack on the streets of London are yet more jarring reminders of the threats we face in public spaces and work places across the country from rogue active shooters seeking to take lives and disrupt our sense of safety.

A common theme among active shooters is often the … Read More

Active Shooters Are Meticulous Planners – Are You?

August 26, 2016 | Security Consulting

Sadly, another week goes by and yet another story of active shooters on a campus – this time the American University in Kabul.  While distant from home, it’s a jarring reminder of the threats we face in schools, universities, public spaces and work places across the country from rogue active shooters seeking to take lives and disrupt our sense of safety.

A common theme among active shooters is often the meticulous effort they go through to plan their actions … Read More

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