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RESULTS FOR: Natural Disaster

Strengthening Crisis & Emergency Management Programs

September 27, 2017 | Security Consulting

We already face an overwhelming array of hazards and threats every year, but according to weather predictions, the strength of hurricanes could double by 2050. With the prospect of more dangerous and destructive storms and natural disasters in our future, we need to proactively prepare to protect our people and physical assets.

With the hurricanes devastating Florida and Texas, and the wildfires plaguing Montana, it’s even more critical for organizations to establish a Crisis and Emergency Management (CEM) … Read More

Protecting the Protectors

September 8, 2017 | Security Consulting

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and in the face of the pending arrival of Hurricane Irma, critical employees of key response industries such as emergency services (police, fire, rescue), utility providers, food services, transportation firms, communication companies, and hospitals throughout the region are stretched thin and under considerable stress. Multiple studies over recent years consistently point to the fact that the operational effectiveness of these critical employees is directly related to their assuredness that their own families are safe. … Read More

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