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Why Family Offices Turn to Embedded Security Managers for Security, Safety, and Peace of Mind.

December 12, 2022 | Security Consulting

A recent Forbes article details the significant growth of family offices worldwide, particularly in North America. While not as large as titans like Walton Enterprises LLC or Bezos Expeditions, these new single and multi-family offices are finding value in consolidating tasks for high net-worth individuals. The Financial Times explains, “families that create their own office often do so, initially, to invest their assets outside their ownership of the family business. There are other important needs that a family office can … Read More

The Importance of Conducting Your Own Due Diligence

August 20, 2019 | Due Diligence Investigations

A recent article from the Wall Street Journal discusses the resignation of the Care.com CEO after an earlier investigation reported on the inadequate vetting of the company’s caregivers. “Ms. Marcelo’s resignation as CEO comes after the Journal’s investigation in March found instances in which caregivers hired through the Care.com platform had police records and were accused of committing crimes while caring for clients, including child abuse, sexual assault and murder.”

This is truly alarming, and of great concern to those … Read More

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