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Securing Federal Contracts — What Changes During a Crisis

May 27, 2020 | Federal Procurement Security Consulting

There are more than $500 billion in federal contracts awarded each fiscal year. Each agency has its cadre of contractors pursuing these dollars to maintain and grow their business. Many firms support multiple agencies in their effort to diversify their business base. The business of pursuing federal contracts has matured to a science, with business development executives working pipelines, aggressively chasing critical intel on requirements and timelines, and employing acquisition strategies in order to increase their probability of a win. … Read More

Winning Government Contracts Requires Opening the Lines of Communication

June 4, 2019 | Federal Procurement Security Consulting

A frequent topic in discussions regarding federal acquisition is communication between the government and industry – the vendor community wants more of it, but government employees remain reluctant to participate.  Let’s examine the dynamics…

All federal agencies have mission needs which are supported by, and often performed by, vendors under contracts with those agencies.  Successful performance under these contracts requires vendor understanding of the agency mission, vision and challenges.  The government needs to understand vendor capability, experience, solution set, and … Read More

An Inside Look at How Government Procurement Decisions Are Made

March 19, 2019 | Federal Procurement

Federal contractors often call me after they see a solicitation posted and ask, “What were they thinking? How did they come up with this approach? What does this strategy mean for me and my chances of winning a new government contract?”

As someone with more than 30 years in acquisition roles with the federal government, I’ve outlined below the issues the government must consider before publishing a solicitation.

For ease of understanding, let’s use the example of a recently published … Read More

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