Security Consulting

Education Security

Our team provides security assessments, designs, and implementations for schools, colleges and universities across the nation. Our seasoned public safety professionals are dedicated to providing a safe educational environment for students, faculty and staff. We are experienced in both operational and technological education assessments that deliver the appropriate path to enhanced safety and security in K-12, colleges, and universities. We are sensitive to the unique challenges based on regional differences, community environments, financial needs, and sustainability.

Comprehensive Understanding + Experience of Education Facilities

Having delivered more than 200 security and technology projects for educational clients, we understand school districts, college campuses, and universities and the uniqueness of each. We serve as a strategic partner providing customized solutions and contributing to fully integrated campuses. We possess a blend of assessment and design experience that allows us to present holistic solutions to increase the security posture and technological efficiency of the property and institution, while remaining sensitive to key fiscal considerations.

Guidepost Solutions Is Your Education Security Consultant

We have deep experience with campuses and institutions throughout the country and internationally, and a comprehensive understanding of the varied needs of a facility within the context of the location. Our projects have included performing campus-wide security assessments, developing master plans, reviewing and expanding operational processes and procedures, and creating security and technology systems designs in compliance with existing standards. Our recommendations are completely objective, vendor neutral, and are structured to deliver solutions catered to meet your unique needs. We offer:

  • Understanding of the architectural design needs and the built environment
  • Ability to liaise with first responders
  • Ability to interact with the community
  • Ongoing communication with key stakeholders
  • Reports that scale to the needs and resources of the end user
  • Ability to move from report to the creation of bid design packages and project implementation
  • Real-time, collaborative project tools and management expertise
  • Nationwide resources to support projects from coast to coast and global offices to assist client satellite facilities throughout the world
  • Solutions that fit your localized needs