As Reopening Becomes Reality, Guidepost Solutions Focuses on Helping Businesses Safely Welcome Back Staff Via New Pandemic Support Solutions

May 26, 2020 - Guidepost Solutions, a global leader in security consulting, compliance, and investigations, is pleased to announce the rollout of its Pandemic Support Solutions guidance to help organizations mitigate risk and create safe working and operational environments as they prepare to reopen. Guidepost’s unique comprehensive approach includes technology solutions, operational plans, policies, procedures and training, and physical and cyber security measures. Whether an organization is contemplating where to begin with its efforts to reopen or needs specific, targeted advice, Guidepost’s experienced team is ready to provide leadership and strategic guidance.

“What is unique about Guidepost is our ability to provide solutions that serve the C-Suite and the operations side of a business – from compliance to security. As clients look to us for guidance during this pandemic, our ability to provide a full complement of services to meet their needs has never been more important. Through our tailored suite of Pandemic Support Solutions, our clients can feel confident they are taking the appropriate steps to create a safe and secure environment,” said Guidepost’s CEO Julie Myers Wood.

Guidepost’s security and design experts, with architecture and engineering backgrounds, along with its law enforcement and compliance professionals, have provided consulting, innovative technology design, and project management services for more than 10,000 security projects. That experience has positioned Guidepost to serve today’s clients — major urban county buildings (courthouses, offices, warehouses), a nationwide food processing company, a global credit card company, a national real estate firm, and a global automotive parts manufacturer to name a few. All have the same goal in mind — to develop reopening plans that prioritize safety.

“Employers and their employees face justified concerns and questions regarding the ability to return to the office safely. Local, state, and federal government guidance is rapidly evolving, and we are committed to helping our clients protect their businesses, employees, and customers as we move forward together during this global event,” said John Torres, president of Security and Technology Consulting at Guidepost.

Whether it’s through retooling the way employers use technology and procedures already in place, or by helping determine what’s needed, introducing new technologies and integrating these products into existing security systems, Guidepost is available to help. Guidepost is technology agnostic, allowing its experts to guide clients through the maze of new products surrounding enhanced touchless entry, thermal scanning, and temperature screening. They can assist with the analysis of technology and the development of procedures for anyone entering a building, designing policies and procedures that meet compliance regulations, performing operational assessments, and more.