Our team is available and ready to provide support and guidance to help you quickly assess and prepare for in-person instruction. We will provide substantiation of your readiness to return to in-person learning and assist with your submission for California state grants recently made available by the governor for this purpose.

Some of the critical questions to consider regarding readiness to return to in-person learning include:

1. How Will You Keep Students, Parents, Faculty + Staff Informed?

Communication is key — be prepared to set expectations, be transparent, promote community buy-in through weekly leadership emails, promote regular teacher communications and respond to all requests for information. Develop and set the standards expected at your learning centers.

2. Have You Created Building Ventilation Guidelines?

Review, revise and implement as required for clean air ventilation. Confirm that systems that have remained dormant for sustained periods will operate as intended. Perform regular maintenance and service checks on critical building ventilation systems, plan and prepare for potential staggered learning periods and limit student movement from class to class where possible.

3. Have You Identified + Standardized Campus Screening Points?

Identify critical access points that support continual flow of pedestrian traffic before and during school, recess and lunch to support screening of individuals. Consider the functionality of the identified space; what are the considerations of the space identified for use? Will it support a robust screening process; is it easily identifiable; what is the impact on adjacent spaces, etc.? Who will you screen; how will you screen and how will you enforce these expectations?

4. Have You Identified + Procured Critical PPE?

Have you identified the appropriate PPE for staff, teachers, students and visitors? Do you have a communication plan for sharing expectations and have you identified a supply chain for sourcing PPE? What are the implications for PPE supply chain availability restrictions or end user non-compliance of use regulations? Lead by example and use PPE including face masks, maintain and support social distancing while maintaining engagement and cooperation of staff, faculty, students and parents.

5. Have You Developed or Updated Your Emergency Response Plan?

Does your Emergency Response Plan (ERP) include pandemic response actions? Is your staff, teachers, students and visitors aware of response expectations for certain activities? Does your ERP reflect that latest state and federal guidelines? Is there a continual renewal and upgrade of your ERP in place?

The Guidepost/Aanko team is here to support, guide and prepare you for a successful return to in-person learning, we can help you with every step through the California Consolidated Schools Guidance Framework.




Download the California Consolidated Schools Guidance Framework

Contact us for support in pursuing state funding for your in-person instruction needs. Please review important supplementary guidelines below.

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