Your leadership, emergency management team, property managers and others should understand the risk factors, your emergency processes and procedures, and be prepared to act based on unfolding events.

The top 3 priorities that businesses and organizations should focus on are:

  1. Protection of Life – your employees, tenants, visitors and customers
  2. Protection of Assets – your facilities and property
  3. Protection of Brand

You should prepare as if a crisis is going to happen. Preparation will minimize the impact to your organization while helping you resume operations as quickly as possible.

Bear in mind that, in the event of a crisis situation, there are likely to be limited services available from local government – police, fire, emergency, medical, etc. And, there will be an increased demand for private or contract security.

The Guidepost team is here to help you manage during times of crisis and move forward with confidence. Leverage our expert team, that includes former law enforcement agents and corporate security professionals, to ensure you are fully prepared.