The company needed to fill a temporary vacancy in its internal investigations department. It had entered into a settlement agreement with Department of Justice that included an 18-month monitorship; its global head of investigations recently left; and his successor needed to wrap up a previous position.

The company engaged a Guidepost Solutions professional to serve as its interim head of investigations who now assists the current head of investigations with her continued transition into the new role. His role has involved assisting the company’s global investigations team to ensure they comply with the processes and procedures and the monitor’s recommendations.

Our professional reviewed the team’s case reports and either approved the closure of completed cases or denied closure, checking to be certain everything necessary for an internal investigation had been executed and that the outcome seemed reasonable. He also ascertained whether written reports complied with the processes and templates put in place per the monitor’s recommendations.

In addition, he read many case reports, preparing comments and then conducting one-on-one conversations with the investigations team regarding the quality of the reports. He also conducted training sessions on its investigative processes, including how to conduct an interview and different approaches to interviewing witnesses.