Poway Unified School District serves over 36,000 students in Southern California. The School District engaged Guidepost Solutions to conduct a district-wide safety and security measures assessment of its thirty-eight (38) schools and two (2) district facilities buildings.

Guidepost Solutions

Our team of K-12 professionals performed a district-wide review of existing safety and security policies, procedures, emergency plans, and physical security measures and systems implementation.  Our team assessed each physical location and observed, identified, and provided recommendations and solutions for corrective measures to support future development and enhancement of the district’s physical security program.  The intent of our engagement was to provide guidance on a consistent security approach across all schools developing a road map of activity that would deliver a baseline expectation for security technology deployment and a consistent end-user experience across all sites.

We provided Poway Unified School District with a comprehensive report and corrective measures document, security and emergency management plan templates for district use and distribution across its schools to support consistent security and emergency planning; and implementation of incident response.

We also developed over-arching district level recommendations to support a standard minimum systems expectation and operational intent across all schools.  Expansion of existing systems and operational processes were identified to support environmental familiarization and end-user behaviors.

Benefit to the Client

Our project deliverables provided the Poway Unified School District with a comprehensive go-forward action plan to implement corrective measures to the issues identified.  Provision of separate Excel documentation enhanced the district ability to tackle issues in a controlled and risk assigned manner.  The risk prioritization report supported corrective measure fund allocations and security upgrade program and supported the district to eliminate issues that presented more imminent risk, which tightened the security of its schools.  The provision of a  security management plan and emergency management plan templates facilitated consistency of approach and supported a more proactive approach to safety and security.