Guidepost Solutions was retained by the New Jersey Department of the Treasury as the Integrity Oversight Monitor for a contract between the Borough of Belmar and Epic Management, Inc. for the reconstruction of a boardwalk on the Borough’s beach which was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. Oversight included reviewing and evaluating the Borough’s financial and administrative functions for the Project to ensure that these functions adhered to all grant/assistance programs guidelines, procurement rules, and reporting requirements to minimize the risk of de-obligation and to verify that the contract was procured in accordance with all federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances; verifying that payments were disbursed consistent with applicable directives, and that there was no duplication of benefits, process and payment errors, waste, fraud, abuse, malfeasance or mismanagement of funds; reviewing and evaluating the construction deliverables for the Project; and ensuring maximum federal recovery opportunities were pursued. Specific findings on this project were reported back to the Treasury.