In 2021, a global consulting organization and their counsel requested Guidepost to analyze and assess the job position, wages, and locations of their H-1B employees to ensure they were compensated and compliant with government regulations. A third-party independent analysis of the wages ensures that the corporation remains unbiased and provides all the necessary fielded information required to perform the calculations.

Through several rounds of data discussions, Guidepost was provided with a sanitized list of employees, titles, wages, location, and other types of internal position grades and performance scores to review. After normalizing the data (updating inconsistent spelling, assigning the proper location codes based on addresses), counsel was given a full report of wage adjustments according to each person, title, and department.  These wage adjustments were reviewed by counsel, then modified to exclude or include additional fields, wage percentile parameters and details which significantly impacted adjustments.

Using the detailed dashboards and reports constructed by Guidepost, counsel and the organization’s executives can view insights in real-time to execute decisions based on data elements that can impact adjustments by several million dollars. These insights are a tremendous value to the client. Guidepost continues to provide a quarterly report of the company’s wage allocations while ensuring they meet their regulatory obligations.