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June 23, 2021 | Articles | Security

5 Minutes with Nick Heywood – Security Considerations for the Hybrid Workplace

Nick Heywood talks about the physical, environmental, and cybersecurity issues behind long-empty offices as restrictions lift and reopening continues.… Read More

June 17, 2021 | Media Mentions

Mortgage Industry Facing a Rise in Cyberattacks

Inside Mortgage Finance –

The mortgage industry is low-hanging fruit for extortionists given the amount of personally identifiable information lender/servicers house about customers — “People who create ransomware are making it available to others [in return for a share of the proceeds],” Ken Mendelson said. “The barrier to entry has been reduced.”

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May 31, 2021 | Articles

Cybersecurity and Auto Dealerships – An Often Overlooked and Unmitigated Risk

When it comes to the day-to-day operations of selling vehicles, an auto dealership’s level of cybersecurity protection might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Chris Arkin provides some practical steps auto dealerships, their counsel, and other advisors can take to mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Cybersecurity and Auto Dealerships

For more on this topic, read Car Dealership Cyber Attacks Can Cost Money, Hurt Reputations.… Read More

May 17, 2021 | Media Mentions

The Alarming Threat of Cybercrime

Attendees of The Larchmont-Mamaroneck Local Summit webinar heard from two leading experts — Michael Delohery, Assistant District Attorney and Bureau Chief of the Cybercrimes Bureau of the Westchester County District Attorney’s office and Kenneth Citarella, Guidepost Senior Managing Director, Investigations and Cyber Forensics and Chief Privacy Officer — about the rising numbers and types of cyber schemes, and learned how to protect themselves, their families and their information.… Read More