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January 21, 2021 | Podcasts

Guidepost in Motion: Red Flags of Drug Diversion Episode 1

Guidepost in Motion – our podcast highlighting risk, compliance and security professionals with insights meant to keep you, your business and operations moving forward.

In our first episode, you’ll hear from Lou Milione and Susannah Herkert, both from our Controlled Substances Act/Code of Federal Regulations DEA Compliance Practice. They discuss the red flags of drug diversion, a problem that plagues the pharmaceutical industry.


Tune in to the next episode for a discussion on compliance with the Controlled Substances Act … Read More

December 30, 2020 | Media Mentions

How to Find the Right Suppliers… and Manage Your Increasingly Intricate Supply Chain

Brainyard – Companies are smart to build supply chain resilience and diversity — and there are guiding principles to keep in mind and red flags to watch for as they bring on and work with suppliers. According to Andrew O’Connell, under current COVID circumstances, organizations may be tempted to skimp on the due diligence, vetting and pre-planning for supplier onboarding — this is not the time to relax on protocols.… Read More

January 7, 2021 | Webinars

What to Expect with the New President-Elect Biden Administration: Key Compliance Strategies for Companies Doing Business in the US and China

The world will usher in a changing political, legal, and economic landscape as the new Biden administration assumes American leadership in 2021. The impact on trade may involve policy and/or legal changes in Export Controls, Sanctions, Compliance, and Privacy issues along with concomitant shifts in supply chain dynamics. Recently released Chinese export control laws will have an immediate impact on companies doing business in China, and will also have an extraterritorial effect. Companies doing business in sectors including technology, manufacturing, … Read More

December 3, 2020 | Articles | Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists

Sanctions and the Supply Chain: Is Your Data Working for You?

Julie Myers Wood writes on how to harness technology to ensure your compliance program is streamlined; identify and intelligently use data to understand your customer’s behavior; and take proactive steps to satisfy requirements set forth in guidelines issued by OFAC and DOJ.… Read More