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Education sector communication considerations and network implications brought to light by COVID

April 21, 2022 | Cyber Security Design + Engineering Security Consulting

The pandemic has thrown school districts and community colleges quite a few curve balls including, at times, seeing their campuses devoid of students and regular day-to-day activity. During this time, we’ve seen our education clients adjust the focus of their security and safety programs and place renewed emphasis on improving mass notifications capabilities. It has been particularly interesting, and to some degree surprising, to see the number of educational institutions that operate with non-functional mass notification equipment, network-based equipment with … Read More

The Joint Commission Has Added New Workplace Violence Prevention Requirements for the Healthcare Industry

April 7, 2022 | Compliance Design + Engineering Risk + Compliance Security Consulting

According to The Joint Commission (TJC), which oversees accreditation of hospitals and other healthcare facilities, about 73% of nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses leading to missed work days in healthcare are connected to workplace violence. This figure does not consider the number of unreported incidents, so the actual percentage is likely higher.

Effective January 1, 2022, TJC introduced revisions to workplace violence standards that provide guidance for developing strong workplace violence prevention systems.

As a participant in ASIS International’s publication … Read More

Six Stages of Security Design for Data Centers

June 29, 2021 | Design + Engineering

As more companies move their critical workloads and services to hosted servers and cloud computing infrastructure, data center security – the policies, procedures, and technologies that secure the center from cyberattacks and other threats – becomes more critical.

Security is fundamental to delivering a world-class enterprise system. For owners and operators of data centers, security must be the number one priority as they build, maintain, and scale operations for future growth. A single breach in the system can cause … Read More

Security Design for Major Sporting Events

June 25, 2015 | Design + Engineering

As the sports calendar winds down with the completion of the NBA Finals as well as the NHL Finals, we march into the hot summer months in the middle of baseball season and the much anticipated start of the National Football League games – sure to bring about many smiling faces to all sports fans. As each team begins with the same thought in mind as it relates to the Super Bowl, “this is our year!” there’s also many exciting
Read More

Building a Stadium from a Security Perspective

October 20, 2014 | Design + Engineering

“Building Levi’s Stadium, the world’s most advanced and technologically savvy entertainment venue, presented a new series of challenges for the San Francisco 49ers’ team, as well as the security and safety firms contracted to provide optimal delivery of security awareness.

Following tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing, the National Football League increased security procedures at stadiums. To meet these increased procedures, the team relied on security systems designers, integrators and vendors to provide advancements in security systems, as well as, … Read More

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