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Strategies Designed to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 While Strengthening Physical Security Key to a Successful NFL Season

James Hayes | FEBRUARY 05, 2021

The National Football League is set to open the professional sports championship calendar with Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida on Sunday evening. Last spring, amidst the global pandemic, the league was one of the legions of American enterprises that turned to security technology and companies like Guidepost Solutions to solve the challenge of keeping their employees, customers, and businesses safe.

For the NFL and its teams, reopening required a multi-faceted approach. It had to focus first on creating a safe and healthy environment for players and staff, but also strived to reconfigure its venues to stabilize its overall business. The Miami Dolphins were one of the first teams to create a suitable environment to allow for fan attendance during the regular NFL season. Joe Cicini, Head of Security for the Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium, explained that he and his team worked diligently to develop protocols to ensure a safe environment. “We completely redesigned the game experience to minimize contact between fans and staff. Early last spring, we worked with several of our trusted partners, including Guidepost Solutions, to develop health and safety protocols for staff and players so we could be prepared for the start of a shortened training camp,” said Cicini. “As we prepared for the possibility of allowing reduced fan capacity at games, we increased sanitization of surfaces throughout the stadium, deployed contactless ticket readers and security scanning, and eliminated cash transactions through increasing e-commerce solutions such as mobile ordering of food and drinks. Many of the protocols developed in Miami have become standardized and will be used during the Super Bowl.”

At the outset of the pandemic, Guidepost experts developed a multitude of security and technology strategies designed to prevent the spread of the virus while simultaneously strengthening physical security. Our team supports clients with contactless security scanning, identification verification and mobile surveillance solutions.

In addition to the Dolphins and other sports franchises, Guidepost has worked with dozens of clients in the past year to protect the health of their employees, customers, and business. Our technology solutions range from contactless verification options to outsourcing alternatives for intricate safety and global security operations. While there is hope that the pandemic will wane over the first few months of 2021, we anticipate that the demand for contactless commercial experiences will be a lasting trend for years to come.

James Hayes Jr.

James Hayes Jr.

VP, Sports Entertainment + Government Affairs