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Asha Muldro to Speak During ACC Annual Meeting 2022

March 8, 2022 - Investigations and Cybersecurity

How do you evolve your end-to-end incident response capabilities when faced with a cybersecurity threat? The panelists will:

  • Discuss best cybersecurity investigation practices to anticipate, detect, mitigate and respond to a cybersecurity threat;
  • Discuss when and how best to involve the government when facing a cybersecurity incident;
  • Discuss lessons learned from recent cybersecurity breaches that rocked the news.



Asha Muldro – Lead Panelist

Deputy General Counsel & Senior Managing Director, Guidepost Solutions

Cybersecurity Summit Advisory Board

 Joel Schwarz – Panelist

Director / Data Protection and Privacy Capability Lead, MBL Technologies, Inc.

 Michael Taxay – Panelist

General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

 Anna Lueje – Panelist

Deputy General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer, The Aerospace Corporation